Stillages and Metal Pallets


Stillages are tailored pallets that were customized to carry the needed materials that they are supposed to hold. Stillages can be customized to look like a cage, some with solid sides and commonly designed to be stackable for ease of storage and handling. They may be made of galvanized steel or coasters for movement. 


The purpose of these garden centre trolleys are many and may range from the transfer of goods from one place to another, for easy facilitation of product loading and unloading to prevent damages such as truck to truck transfers, truck to ship or plane and ship to truck or plane to truck transfers.


Warehousing has been made faster with these ergonomic designs and the nest example is the use of stillages in the glass industry. Sheets of glass are often supported by A-frame stillages which are designed to lean inward and allow the glass to be transported without breaking or cracking.


The cost of purchasing these stillages and metal pallets are high and unless you have a very large company or warehouse that you can afford to buy them, you may need to find companies that will allow you to hire pallets for your logistic requirements. There are benefits to hiring pallets from companies and one of the benefit is that you can hire as many pallets as you want because there are no minimum number of pallets that you can hire and much more, there is no minimum number of days.


Therefore, it is beneficial for most startup companies to jump start their business without the initial capital outlay. These companies can save by increasing or decreasing the number of pallets they need according to their need requirements.


The other benefits are the full tax deduction which is an advantage in any business financial management, there is flexibility of supply and product mix where you can be able to choose from the different designs and sizes, mix of the things you need and when you need it so that you will never have more or less than you require.


The different pallets that are available for hire will have the 4 way lifting access and legal truck tray space. There are those with have half drop front gates, others can be folded which are the C series whose parts are non-removable for prevention of loss and better damage protection, all pallets have security lids available on request and they are stackable.